Bridging the Gap from the Studio to live concert performances

Bridging the Gap from the Studio to live concert performances

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This is just a quick blog to answer a question we have been asked many times....where did the idea for the Performer Series come from?  It's a great question. Really, where does any idea come from?  In this case, it was the old adage "necessity is the mother of invention."  As a musician and sound engineer, Rick spent many years trying to bridge the gap between live performance and studio recording.  Did you ever notice how amazing music sounds when it is played on your car on a premium stereo system or if you are listening to it with high quality ear buds on your phone?

Rick always said the analogy is like taking a low resolution picture on your camera and then blowing it up. If the pixilation isn't sufficient, the picture will never look good when it is amplified or enlarged.  The same is true for sound waves.  If you record songs or play them on your guitar, and you have too much mud or it sounds too bright to begin with, then no amount of electronic or artificial adjustments will make the notes sound acoustic and clear.  Garbage in, garbage out.  You have to start with beautiful, clear and authentic tone to record and perform with warm, creamy notes or to produce the airy, crisp rock notes you want.  For those artists who are ready, truly ready for a mind blowing experience, it's time for TONE JUSTICE!  Try a Keeler Sound Performer Series Processor today.  With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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