Shingo Umeda from The Inner Bright takes the Shorty for a test drive

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Shingo stopped by the Keeler Sound studio yesterday so he could check out the new Performer Series Sound Processor. He plays a 2005 Limited Takamine acoustic, so we installed a Shorty with a slotted carbon fiber diaphragm.  He said he could tell the difference even when he started TUNING the guitar.  Shingo has been playing with Sam Ortolano and The Inner Bright for over ten years….and he said, "Sam is an amazing acoustic electric player and his tone is clear with almost perfect technique.  When I installed the Shorty, my tone was clearer…. I can hear each sound, each string.  The sound is much tighter...I sound like him!"  Shingo was taking the Shorty and the Takamine to a jam session with Sam later that night, so we'll post Sam's comments when we catch up with him.

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