Harmony Central Endorses Keeler Sound

Harmony Central Endorses Keeler Sound

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After stopping by the booth last week at the NAMM show and interviewing Rick Keeler, a blogger for Harmony Central, one of the oldest and most trusted resources for musicians on music industry news and products, endorsed Keeler Sound, stating "Rick is another passionate, intelligent and creative guy who has come up with a brilliant and innovative solution to a problem that has eluded audio engineers and luthiers for close to half a century."  WOW!  After hearing the demo of the Keeler Soundhole Cover on two identical Yamaha Acoustic Guitars, one with the processor in it and one without, he wrote, "The Performer Series Sound Processors are the best solution I have heard, and you really have to hear one 'live' to fully comprehend the magic."  Check out the full blog post here: http://www.harmonycentral.com/forum/forum/trade-shows/winter-namm-2016/31698392-innovators-and-entrepreneurs-the-hall-e-crawl

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