Dr. Boogie Rocks the House at Cid's in LA

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Keeler Sound was in the house at the historic El Cid's on Sunset Blvd tonight in LA to hear Dr. Boogie, a new up and coming rock band.  They were incredible!  They've got the whole package....and the drummer was an absolute standout.  It was clear from the first few intricate chords that they are tight, and they really impressed us with their sound.  One word of wisdom from rockers who have "been there"....keep the politics, religion and racial issues OFF the stage until you have some clout as a band.  Once you have established yourself in the music industry, maybe then you can go there, but you have to go lightly.  You run the risk of being misunderstood, even when your intentions are right on.  Other than that, we would rate this band overall as a MUST SEE for Los Angeles rock fans!

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