Alex Blanco

The Artist Factory (TAF)
Recording, Mix, FOH Engineer

Alex Blanco    Madrid, Spain

Alex Blanco for Rewave

Just when you thought you had finally found your magic chain to record one of the most complex instruments due to its Sonic and Dynamic range the ReWave Processor appears. No matter what microphone and mic pre you use, once you decide to employ the Sound Processor as your new secret weapon you don’t realize what you’ve been missing. Especially when it comes down to mix… that’s when you notice how much better and faster you are able to place the acoustic guitar. Depending on the type of music or the arrangement of the song the acoustic guitar is more or less prominent in a mix but somehow the Sound Processor is always capable of bringing out the best sonic landscape all the time. Mix ready guitars right from the start. Doesn’t get any better than that! Thanks Rick at Keeler Sound.