ReWave is an acoustic (non electric) mechanical device, which is engineered to act as a passive equalizer, adjustable compressor and control feedback without the sacrifice of precious tone. With the adjustable system, the sound characteristics are changed, depending on diaphragm type and placement. For example, a diaphragm made out of carbon fiber will have a fast compression attack/release and powerful mids creating a tight responsive acoustic guitar sound live. A wood diaphragm offers warmth, a wide audio spectrum, preservers your natural acoustic tone and has a slower compression attack/release.
Yes, you can easily remove the ReWave, simply by loosening the strings and lifting the unit out. This takes a minute or two but does not require any special tools. Go to the Learn More tab for further information.
All models are designed and engineered for optimal feedback control. The unit blocks and cancels the sound from entering back into the guitar without airflow loss, eliminating the regeneration of sound waves that causes feedback. Call or email us if you want a professional consultation from one of our sound engineers.
Currently, we are set up for direct retail through our website. To order online, click here.
ReWave floats in the sound hole of the instrument with 4 - 6 anti-vibration shock mounts depending on the model. Go to the Learn More tab for further information.
Simple, for BEST RESULTS, sweetening the sound of your instrument must be accomplished at the very first stage of your signal flow. Most musicians and engineers use compression, equalizers, sonic enhancers, during and after the recording session or live performance. This means they are not completely happy with how their sound is coming out, right? The acoustic guitar body (drum) is rarely crafted perfectly, even in the most expensive instruments. Add in ambient noise coming from band members and you have a messy, obstructed and problematic sound source to amplify or record. ReWave for acoustic guitar is new technology that is specifically designed to achieve maximum instrument functionality which will not only sonically enhance your instruments tone, it also preserves the natural timber of your instrument. Your microphone and piezo pickups will be free and clear from regenerative ambient noise, trapped sound waves under the bridge and note overlapping. This means you will get Ultra High Definition Representation (UHDR) of your instrument to be miked, lined in or amplified. This is because your mic or piezo pick up no longer amplifies the common problems your instrument also produces, thus, leaving you with a clean clear picture of tone to reproduce.
Good Question. Two simple reasons. 1) The plug, plugs up your tone more then they stop feedback. Although they have an effect on reducing feedback, when your acoustic guitar can't breath the reaction of your guitars soundboard becomes sluggish therefore your overall tone output is dull and lifeless. The ReWave actually helps your guitar breath more efficient than the open hole itself while limiting feedback by breaking the feedback loop through a complex integrated phase canceling system. 2) Sound enhancements that you can actually adjust and fine tune to meet your ears needs. Every guitar reacts different in the resonance chamber so there is no way one generic plug which reacts the same in every guitar can result in your guitar maintaining its natural sound. Every acoustic guitar ever made even if it is the same make and model has its own sweet-spot, so when you alter the airflow like with a rubber feedback buster it can throw your guitar out of balance and really squeeze your tone. The ReWave is adjustable and allows you the hone in on and accelerate your guitars sweet-spot. This allows your guitar to work freely and produce its maximum overall sound.