Joey Everett

Musician, Writer and Worship Leader
Joey Everett
Joey Everett for Rewave

Rick Keeler has created something that I cannot live without. The reWave has been a game changer for me. My guitar (C.F. Martin Co. John Mayer Model) no longer feeds back during live shows and the unwanted resonant hum of my bass strings has disappeared. I have worked for twenty years as a singer/songwriter and worship leader. My acoustic is often times the only accompaniment I have. It needs to fill up the room without feeding back or humming. I need it to be full and bold when I strum on the chorus then whisper audibly when I pick that tender third verse. That is exactly what I get from the reWave. Tons of clean balanced guitar tone that fills the room. The lows and the highs are perfectly eq’d before the signal even hits a soundboard. This saves tons of time during a sound check. Just leave the eq flat on the board and you have yourself a perfect sounding acoustic guitar.

I often lead worship in churches and the sound man usually are volunteers with no proper training. This kinda thing used to scare me and I would show up super early for a church service to battle with my acoustic and try to explain how to eq it. Honestly, sound check is a breeze now and I don’t sweat it because of the Keeler Sound Hole Cover.

One more thing that I have to share is how this processor has transformed my studio recordings. Usually, I mic at the body and the 12th fret with killer microphones to get a good sound that I can balance and fatten later when I mix. Now I just use one mic and point it directly at the sound hole. NO JOKE. I can aim any size condenser or ribbon right at the center and it gives me exactly what I want - the true sound of my acoustic. It’s like magic. The sound I get is unbelievable. I don’t have to fight to get that full sound that also cuts through in a mix. I can do it all with one mic now. Live or in the studio, I simply get the beautiful balanced tone of my guitar. I have no batteries to put in, no pedals to add to the signal chain, and no compression to suck the life out of my music. The reWave has simplified my setup and maximized my tone. If you hate long sound checks and mediocrity then Rick’s invention is just what you need. Trust me, if you are serious about the tonal quality of your acoustic sound you should order one today. Hopefully, you will have it in time for your next gig. You never know who may be running sound and listening.