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ReWave Natural Preamps

Engineered to eliminate feedback and soundwave bottle necking, which is a common plague to most acoustic instruments, causing sluggish soundboard reproduction, muddiness and shrill highs. We set out to not only make an anti-feedback unit work exceptionally, but to produce a perfectly balanced acoustic guitar sound, enriched with a noticeable clear tight bass, smooth mids and silky smooth highs.  All of our products are handcrafted and Made in U.S.A.  

ReWave Natural Preamps
$ 279.00
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Diaphragm for ReWave Natural Preamps

The Diaphragm can be used as an optional attachment on ReWave Natural Preamps for acoustic guitar or bass guitar. It enhances the sound characteristics by stabilizing lower frequencies that create warmth in the tone. It also removes the harsh, edgy frequencies, transforming them to a smooth pleasing tone for everyone to enjoy. The difference between Maple Slotted Diaphragm and the Carbon Fiber Slotted Diaphragm is the Carbon Diaphragm has a very quick response time, creating a tighter compression and faster attack when the guitar is strummed harder. It also will add brightness to you overall sound. The slotted maple and carbon fiber diaphragms are an option to the already included solid wood diaphragm. All of our products are handcrafted and Made in U.S.A.

Diaphragm - Maple Slotted
$ 59.00
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This spectrum graph represents a standard open E note with and without the ReWave.

The green line is with the ReWave and the red is without on a Yamaha FGX700sc acoustic guitar. Notice the smooth bass register on the green versus the bumpy spiky red line. The ReWave smoothed out the bass enhanced the mids and added air to the high end. (more compelling spectrum test to come)

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ReWave Natural Preamps