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All musicians want their tone to sound great when they perform


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So we set out to bridge the gap between an acoustic guitar studio recording and live performance. 

Using "ReWave" Natural Sound Passive Preamp completely clears up the muddiness and tightens your bass notes while smoothing out the mid and high range of your acoustic guitar.

No more harshness ever. ReWave is made to preserve your natural guitar sound and eliminate Feedback.

All of our products are Handcrafted and Made in U.S.A.

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We kept hearing the same issues - poor sound quality when the acoustic guitar is amplified, regardless of the amp or PA in use, and a loss of the natural guitar sound.
ReWave will never compromise tone to control feedback, Instead it allows your instrument to "breathe" naturally while enhancing the overall acoustic guitar tone. This is our quest and now it is finally available to you. You have to hear it to believe it!

Please check this video, and
you will hear the difference between acoustic guitars with and without the ReWave!!

Comparison with and without the ReWave

About ReWaves Products

ReWave for acoustic electric guitar with pre-amp and piezo pickup

ReWave Natural Preamps

Add Steroids to you favorite acoustic guitar or bass, with ReWave Natural Preamps you will experience tremendous sonic enhancements while taking full control of your feedback. We stand by this: When you sound better you play better, and the world knows the difference!

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ReWave Ukulele Natural Preamps

ReWave Ukulele Natural Preamps

ReWave Ukulele Natural Preamps are the first and only non electric preamp that fits in the soundhole of your Uke. You will immediately experience full sonic enhancements while feedback becomes a thing of the past. This brings your beautiful Ukulele sound out of the grave.

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ReWave Diaphragm - Maple Slotted

ReWave Diaphragm Maple Slotted

ReWave Maple Slotted Diaphragms enhance the sound characteristics by unmasking the lower frequencies, which then will create warmth and clarity in your tone. It also removes the harsh, edgy frequencies, transforming them to a smooth pleasing musical tone for everyone to enjoy.

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ReWave Diaphragm - Carbon Fiber Slotted

ReWave Diaphragm Carbon Fiber Slotted

The difference between Maple Slotted Diaphragm and the Carbon Fiber Slotted Diaphragm is the Carbon Diaphragm has a very quick response time, creating a tighter compression and faster attack when the guitar is strummed harder. It also will add brightness to you overall sound.

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Basic Airflow Pathways

Basic Airflow Pathways

The Anatomy of ReWave Natural Preamps Parts

Keeler Sound ReWave infographic


ReWave Keeler Sound

We tapped into our design team's vast knowledge of professional audio engineers, music producers and product designers to create this wonderful product. What we discovered is, with the use of our Patent Pending of intake, exhaust technology, a mechanical compressor, EQ and the anti-feedback control system, the acoustic guitar would stabilize under heavy feedback conditions, sound natural, and exhibit an unbelievable sonic dynamic range. And Thus "ReWave" was born!!

The challenge with existing methods of post sound processes for acoustic guitars are that you have to repair tonal issues after the sound wave is amplified from acoustic energy to electric energy. This is challenging because the sound waves have then introduced muddy bass, harsh mids, shrill highs and feedback regeneration that your guitar can naturally produce. So, then you will have to use expensive electronic devices or plug-ins which will also implement hiss, white noise, pink noise and phase cancellation into the correction repair process, leaving you a very unmusical ,edgy unpleasant guitar tone. This happens because the acoustic guitar body has a natural phenomenon under the soundboard called bottle-necking, which is the collection of sound waves that continually get stuck under the bridge area of the guitar, right where the piezo pickup is usually mounted.

ReWave solves these issues without any compromise to your precious tone and is the first and only one on the market to do so. Through the use of our patent pending, interconnected set of sound processing systems, we were able to eliminate these problems before you amplify your acoustic guitar. Using a rubber plug can reduce feedback, but it always compromises your tone, dampens the soundboard and inevitably kills the sweet and natural sound of your acoustic guitar. If you are here chances are you have experienced all these issues and It's time to take control of your sound, it's time for TONE JUSTICE.

ReWave is the first and only Natural (non electronic) Preamp, Made for the serious musician!

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ReWave Keeler Sound