When You Want Great Tone

It matters what's inside your Guitar.

ReWave by Keeler Sound

Focus on Your Performance.

Leave the Tone to us.

Far More Than Just a Feedback Buster

ReWave by Keeler Sound

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Premium Guitar Preamps

Made for Acoustic Guitar, Bass and Ukulele

ReWave by Keeler Sound

Cut Your Production or Soundcheck Time in Half

No More Need To Compromise Your Tone

ReWave by Keeler Sound

Independent Expert Product Review From Harmony Central

" By: Chris Loeffler: "It did everything it claimed, including producing more volume and balancing out a guitar’s acoustic tone without altering the guitar's character. Would I put this in a $3,000 guitar? I surprise myself by answering, “Absolutely.” I absolutely experienced sonic enhancements in instruments I already considered highly polished."


" It [ReWave] helps makes the output of an acoustic instrument sound like it would after I spent a lot of time in post production trying to achieve the same or similar sound I want. The ReWave is very flexible and does everything and MORE that they say it does. It has a cool adjustable compressor and also the ability to help equalize the sound before it gets recorded. I like the way it tightens the bass and clears up the muddiness at a closer distance for more detail. "

Mario Caldato Jr.