The most advanced acoustic guitar system ever!

Taylor - Gibson - Martin - Fender - Takamine - Ovation - Washburn - Yamaha


Handmade in CA - USA

Craftsmanship without compromise.



Don’t let feedback control you!



Clears up mud and harshness leaving you tight lows and gracious highs.


In The Recording Studio

" My ReWave helps make the output of an acoustic instrument sound like it would after I spent a lot of time in post production trying to achieve the same or similar sound I want. The ReWave is very flexible and does everything and MORE then advertised. It has a useful adjustable tone projector which helps equalize the volume of each string, so I get a clean balanced sound to record. I also like the way it removes muddiness, tightening up bass notes and how it produces more high end detail. "

Mario Caldato Jr.

ReWave Inventor

The question I am asked most frequently is,

"Where did the inspiration of ReWave come from?"

The best answer I have is,

"Out of a love and passion of music and the quest for exceptional tone on acoustic instruments.
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Music Connection Magazine - Harmony Central

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